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  1. Monday, 25 May 2015 19:19:27 Europe/London

    Wearable technology is taking over the market at an increasingly fast pace. From technology companies like Samsung and Apple to fashion and luxury brands like Armani and Guess are all introducing wearable technology as a part of their collection.

    The latest luxury and fashion brand to jump on to the bandwagon is Fossil. Fossil will launch its own wearable technology later this year which it will develop in collaboration with Google and Intel. This will be supported by smartwatches from three designer brands – Michael Kors, Emporio Armani and Fossil itself.

    Various reports suggest that the move into the wearable technology is a conscious one by Fossil as they wish to move away from the traditional retail environment and into the e-commerce segment.

    Like other smartwatches, the one from Fossil will also have to be paired with a smartphone and will have multiple accessories and price points. Many details have not yet been revealed of the three watches which are scheduled for a release later this year, but Fossil does promise a “branded digital experience.”

    Meanwhile, Fossil plans to also launch jewellery along with smartwatches – some with digital display and some without.

    The entry of Fossil into the wearable technology market is not very surprising as the market is fast growing and offering a wide spectrum of options in terms of price, features and style. The Mobile World Congress 2015, which took place in Barcelona in early March, also saw many companies such as LG and Huawei getting into the wearable technology market.

    The wearable technology from fashion and luxury brands such as Fossil and Guess will give tough competition to those from technology companies such as Apple, with respect to design and trendiness. The recently launched Apple Watch has failed to impress fashionistas and large-scale retail chains which see the product more of a gadget rather than a must-have accessory.

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  2. Thursday, 14 May 2015 21:35:36 Europe/London

    According to a recent Harper’s Bazaar article, a woman’s watch says a lot about her and we at Watch Town couldn’t agree more.

    Finding the right watch is a bit like finding a husband. Pick a great one and you'll keep it forever; pick the wrong one and you'll be dying to get rid of it after a year or two. Ana Maria Pimentel, accessories director at Neiman Marcus, took it a step further: She started her marriage with a watch. "Instead of an engagement ring, I got engaged with a 1954 Rolex Oyster," she says.
The relationship women have with their watches is sacred: Claire Distenfeld, the 27-year-old owner of the concept boutique Fivestory, on Manhattan's Upper East Side, remembers mourning the loss of a Franck Muller Cintrée Curvex watch that she'd received as a graduation present. "I had to take a four-year hiatus after losing it," she says. "I thought I couldn't be trusted." Distenfeld is now a Rolex girl; her current relationship is with a men's Oyster.
Gender-bending watches are nothing new, but they continue to hit the mark for a casual-chic modern-garconne effect. "A huge face looks masculine and sporty," says Caroline Issa, executive fashion director of Tank magazine. Madonna has been known to run around town in a men's Longines watch. And, as it turns out, choosing a men's watch is the accessory equivalent of "wearing the pants." Adds Pimentel, "We're definitely seeing a trend of women wearing oversize, sportier watches. Colored ceramic versions are especially big for summer."
For women who want a classic and timeless look, the ne plus ultra is the Cartier Tank, the square-faced fashion insider's favorite that dates from 1917 and that first ladies from Jacqueline Kennedy to Michelle Obama have worn. Those looking to add a little more edge might go for the stud-enhanced Hermés Medor. (Shala Monroque loves her pink one.) It's the perfect watch for the trend-conscious. And if you want the ultimate in opulence, there's the Bulgari Serpenti, an elegant 70-year-old bracelet style that was a favorite of Elizabeth Taylor's and continues to lure fans like sartorial maverick Anna Dello Russo. By wearing hers with chunky gold cuffs on one or both arms, Dello Russo has paved the way for women to wear a traditional evening watch for daytime.
On the flip side, the actress Elizabeth Olsen was recently spotted at night wearing an oversize black Chanel J12 with a tuxedo jacket and black leather trousers. The new rule for wearing a watch? If you invest wisely and style it right, any watch can look right at any time.
What you wear with your timepiece is just as important as when you wear it. At the moment, Issa is on a small-and-classic kick, wearing vintage watches she layers with big Eddie Borgo cuffs and gold Yves Saint Laurent leopard bracelets. "I switch my watch out depending on my look," she explains. "It's nice to pair a thinner, more ladylike watch with lots of bracelets and do something chunkier with a suit." As for Monroque, she prefers a Marc Newson Ikepod when not wearing her Hermés Medor. "It's funny because it has a gray rubber band, but it still manages to go with almost anything," says Monroque. "Sometimes I'll wear it alone, or I'll pile on some PVC bracelets with it."
Distenfeld wears hers alone, with bracelets on her other wrist. "It's like a big bangle, so it's not comfy to wear it with a lot of other stuff," she says. "I load the bracelets on the other hand—evil eyes that I collect as I travel, an Aurélie Bidermann lip cuff we made for Fivestory, and a Jennifer Fisher chain-link bangle." Offers Pimentel,"I love the idea of mixing things that are precious with things that aren't, like an 18-karat-gold watch with friendship bracelets or something from Giles & Brother."
Other new trends in the watch world? According to Distenfeld, though "most people gravitate toward silver, stainless steel, and white gold," a rose-gold Rolex is the Rolls-Royce of watches. "I've become obsessed," she admits. "A watch like mine in rose gold costs as much as a car, so I can't justify it, but I really think it's the most beautiful." Pimentel seconds the popularity of rose gold, adding that vintage watches and those with rubber bands are also in high demand.
Whether you're going for the full rose gold or a more casual rubber-band style, a watch can set the tone for your look and can be transformed from day to day depending on how you style it. But if you're still not ready to fully commit to one model, "there's always the possibility of a second watch," says Pimentel.
Pictured above clockwise from left: Elizabeth Olsen, Shala Monroque, Marion Cotillard, Anna Dello Russo

    The article rightly points out that “picking a right watch is a bit like finding a husband.” The right one will stay with you forever and you pick the wrong one and you’ll be urging to get rid of it in a few years. Some women today even believe in getting a unique time piece for their engagement instead of the traditional bling on the finger.

    Most women believe that their relationship with their watches is sacred. So sacred that some find it difficult to trust themselves with quality watches after going through a bad phase with one.

    Women wearing big-dialled watches, which is traditionally considered as a man’s right, is nothing new today. The huge dials make for a casual-chic modern look along with looking the right amount of masculine and sporty. Harper’s Bazaar also tells us that wearing a men’s watch is sometimes considered as “wearing the pants” in today’s world.

    Fashionistas also remind us that the trend of over-sized and sportier watches is here to stay; especially ceramic coloured for the upcoming summer season.

    Along with new trends of wearing big-dials and sporty watches, some timeless styles like that of the square-faced fashion continue to have a strong stand in the market.

    And last but definitely not the least, if you style it right way and pair it with the right outfit, any watch can look just fabulous. So go ahead, find the right watch for yourself only on www.watchtown.co.uk.

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    • Posted By: Sonal Agarwal