Wearable technology is taking over the market at an increasingly fast pace. From technology companies like Samsung and Apple to fashion and luxury brands like Armani and Guess are all introducing wearable technology as a part of their collection.

The latest luxury and fashion brand to jump on to the bandwagon is Fossil. Fossil will launch its own wearable technology later this year which it will develop in collaboration with Google and Intel. This will be supported by smartwatches from three designer brands – Michael Kors, Emporio Armani and Fossil itself.

Various reports suggest that the move into the wearable technology is a conscious one by Fossil as they wish to move away from the traditional retail environment and into the e-commerce segment.

Like other smartwatches, the one from Fossil will also have to be paired with a smartphone and will have multiple accessories and price points. Many details have not yet been revealed of the three watches which are scheduled for a release later this year, but Fossil does promise a “branded digital experience.”

Meanwhile, Fossil plans to also launch jewellery along with smartwatches – some with digital display and some without.

The entry of Fossil into the wearable technology market is not very surprising as the market is fast growing and offering a wide spectrum of options in terms of price, features and style. The Mobile World Congress 2015, which took place in Barcelona in early March, also saw many companies such as LG and Huawei getting into the wearable technology market.

The wearable technology from fashion and luxury brands such as Fossil and Guess will give tough competition to those from technology companies such as Apple, with respect to design and trendiness. The recently launched Apple Watch has failed to impress fashionistas and large-scale retail chains which see the product more of a gadget rather than a must-have accessory.