Its always important to be on time, but its equally important to arrive in style! Yes, we all have our smartphones these days that can tell us the time, but nothing can take away the look and charm of a wristwatch. Not only does it look great, but also is the perfect accessory for any occasion. Choosing the right watch is a big deal, because let's face it, it has to be pretty and fit correctly. Don't be perturbed though, we at are here to help you pick that perfect watch, that will be the topic of conversation at your next party.

To begin with, choose the right size depending on your wrist The most desired watches these days are big chunky ones, cases in the range of 38-42 mm. Make sure it fits well and doesn't look too big or too small for your wrist.

Then there is the shape, although this is a personal choice, we suggest you choose one that suits your style. The most common ones in the market are round, square or rectangular. Don't be scared to add a little bling, it could make a statement.

If you are buying a watch as a gift for someone else, make sure you know them and their taste well. Classic is always a safe choice to make.

And lastly, It is commonly understood that buying a watch is like buying a house. But it doesn't always have to be as expensive, budget realistically. If you find one that is right for you, it would go a long way.