Wearable technology is the next big thing. Companies, including that of fashion and technology, are working overtime to deliver the next big thing in the market.

Technology companies such as Samsung was amongst the first to roll out such a device that a user could sync to their smartphone and fashion company Guess too has joined the bandwagon and introduced a smart watch earlier this year.

Technology biggie Apple introduced their latest gadget the Apple Watch in a big event earlier this month. The company has managed to get the early technology adopters excited about the latest introduction to the Apple family, but has failed to impress the fashion industry.

Even though supermodel Christy Turlington Burns became the timepiece’s highest-profile advocate from the fashion world when she joined CEO Tim Cook onstage for the big reveal, the gadget has failed to impress the other bigwigs from the fashion industry, reported Reuters.

And fashionistas view the Apple Watch as a gadget and not a must-have accessory. In an interview with Reuters, a Dutch model said, “I haven’t heard anyone talking about it. It’s a different world, it’s more technology rather than fashion. People don’t wear that kind of watch in fashion.”

Apple CEO, Tim Cook’s attempt to impress the fashionistas in the world’s fashion capital, Paris, with a big publicity push has also not made a big impact in the fashion world, so far. An advance preview to the fashion bigwigs like Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour and model Karlie Kloss has also not been successful in influencing others in adapting this as a style statement.

Various reports say that big retail chains are still not sure if they will carry the watch on their shelves after it is launched in April. They do not see the Apple Watch as an accessory like the other luxury brands they sell but more like a technology piece.

On the other hand, it might be too early to write off the Apple Watch. Apple products on the whole are seen as chic and fashionable and fashionistas and trendsetters might just warm up to this gadget on their wrist and designers may flaunt it along with their latest designs on the ramp.

Only time will tell how this product is adapted by the fashion industry. Till then, shop other stylish watches from top-end designers only at www.watchtown.co.uk.