We girls love borrowing things from our boyfriends, be it their jeans, sweatshirts or even their watches. Keeping this in mind, Chanel has launched a brand new watch aptly named Boy.Friend. This watch has the look and feel of something borrowed from your boyfriend. But, it is not.

The Boy.Friend watch from Chanel has a familiar and common look – it has an octagonal dial with a classic leather strap. The watch has two versions, reflecting Chanel’s classic choice of white gold and beige gold. It also comes in two sizes – XL and Large, showcasing a relaxed look and a slightly larger profile when compared to other women’s watches.

The International Watch Magazine reports that the watch is equipped with a manual-winding mechanical movement with 42 hours of power reserve and a small seconds counter at 6 o’clock. The white gold version is set with beautifully cut diamonds, while the beige gold version is available with or without it. The black leather strap is completed with a gold buckle, matching the case of the watch.

Chanel’s Boy.Friend watch oozes simplicity and class from the person wearing it and is perfect to complete your look for that business meeting or even a casual evening with the girls. So, ladies, while you might still want to keep a piece of your boyfriend with you, you can now have a watch similar to his, with your name on it.

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